Does finding and closing 15 deals a month sound desirable to you? Today’s guest shares exactly how his team does just that! Returning guest Nathan Brooks shares how he’s built a turnkey business that consistently finds and closes deals on a large scale. Nathan shares great info regarding how he uses the DISC profile to understand himself and his team members, his three step process for rehabbing homes, and why he always has at least two sets of eyes on every deal. You won’t want to miss his story regarding what he wished he had done differently from the beginning, mistakes for newbies to avoid, and how to alternate between a “10,000 foot view” of your business with being on the front line. Nathan is a long time experienced real estate investor with a heart-felt passion for helping others succeed. If you want to grow a successful real estate business, you don’t want to miss the incredible business advice and encouragement he shares in today’s episode!


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